Monday 15 July 2024

Oculus Leading the Way in the Future of Gaming

It was announced today that the Virtual Reality headset company Oculus has moved forward with a few huge acquisitions in the 3D gear space, acquiring CA based startup Nimble VR and Stockholm based 13th Lab.

This is a big step forward for this wearable technology, as there has been a lot of interest from the gaming community (as well as well-funded VCs) with Virtual Reality applicable games at an all time high (RPGs, Racing Games, etc.). The are endless opportunities to take gamers deeper into the worlds they have been seen on TV screens for many years, and dive into the VR experience as never before. Imagine the land of Hyrule in Zelda or the battlefields of Call of Duty with the 3D headset around, it would be quite impressive and realistic. This would be especially ideal for engineering simulators like Minecraft, and bring social gaming into perspective.

This ground-breaking technology and software opens a door to other areas of engineering and programming as well, ranging from Military, Medical (for Health Care Providers and Doctors) to Digital Higher Education, allowing students to be even more emerged in virtual classroom settings. While the immediate focus will likely be on the audience most prepared for these kinds of changes, there is no doubt this will be used for many years to come.     

For more information about the Oculus acquired companies, check out these links below.


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  • Virtual Reality9
  • Kickstarter7
  • NimbleVR8
  • 3D9
  • 8.6


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