Friday 24 May 2024

Category: Mobile


Hash Symbols and Special Characters in URLs Explained

I’ve been recently engaged on a few SEO related initiatives and came across inquiries regarding the usage of “hash” symbols (formerly...

Ad Viewability

3 Key Steps to Improving Your Ad Viewability Score

Viewability is one of the hottest discussion topics among advertisers, publishers, and sales technology organizations. The emerging and...

Mobile Productivity

5 seriously great productivity applications for mobile devices

There are so many applications in the tech industry that tout productivity and time saving capabilities for its users, all of which are now...


Google Launches New Mobile-Compatible Web Site Testing Utility

Google recently announced the launch of a mobile-compatible testing utility to allow end uses to determine if your site is approved (by...


New Star Wars Minecraft skin packs released for Xbox One and Xbox 360

All Minecraft players are rejoicing this holiday season, with announcement that Microsoft (new recent owners of Minecraft and developer...